Who are FuerteLocas?

We are excited to have you here! That’s us, Kinga and Ola – Poles, who have fallen in love with Fuerteventura and decided to settle down on this paradise island. You’ll recognize us by our wide smiles and loud laughters. Good vibes and locas lifestyle. Most often you’ll meet us working in a climatic café, catching Sun on a beautiful beach of surfing in the ocean. Making plans for a future in local pubs or dancing to the rhythm of Latino music in the evenings. We’re full of life and sunny energy, well-organized but also with a touch of unpredictability. Together, we’re a positively-explosive mix! With us there’re no impossible things! So similar, but still different.

Get to know us better

Aleksandra Jaszcz


Aleksandra, also called Ola, is a combination of water and air, spontaneity and unpredictability, optimism and kindness. Ola is not afraid of any challenges, she has more than million ideas per second, being positively crazy. The whole world is her home, no matter if it’s far or close. She has warmth and friendliness in her heart which she gladly transmits to the others. She is passionate about photography, travel and yoga. It is a great luck to have such a travel buddy!

Kinga Gątarka


It’s impossible to miss it when she enters the room. A storm of curls on her head, smile on her face, charismatic and loud Hola! Kinga is the life and soul of the party and can brighten up even the gloomiest day. She is outgoing, fun and well organized. A volcano of energy that is charged with the sun and the sea. She loves spending time in an active way, and her passions are cycling and traveling, especially to Italy. If she wants something, she strives to achieve it. She doesn’t take “no” for an answer. She is a person for all seasons, you can always count on her.

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